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Welcome To Forever Capsules

refillable coffee capsules

An upgrade to your coffee

We all love our morning coffee routine.
That comforting moment between waking up and leaving to work is to some people a crucial moment that can shape the rest of their day.

It’s no secret that coffee capsules have taken over and that a majority of coffee drinkers are only using capsules these days.

Coffee capsules are amazingly convenient.
All you do is  pop a capsule into your machine, push a button and in less than 9 seconds you got yourself a decent cup of coffee –  what a win!

There’s no doubt that capsules have changed millions of coffee lovers across the planet.
However that convenience has a toll.

That toll affect our Ecosystem, our health and our pocket.

Lucky we got Forever Capsules to upgrade our morning  routine with one unique capsule.

refillable coffee capsules
A great start for the day
refillable coffee capsules
Choose your own coffee and refill
reusable coffee capsules
Over 2.5M Trees Planted !
We are proud to cooperate with OneTreePlanted
1 Tree For Every Purchase
Thanks to You
We are proud to cooperate with OneTreePlanted
1 Tree For Every Purchase
For a Better Future
We are proud to cooperate with OneTreePlanted
1 Tree For Every Purchase
Forest Restoration
We are proud to cooperate with OneTreePlanted
1 Tree For Every Purchase
Mother Nature : "Thank You"
We are proud to cooperate with OneTreePlanted
1 Tree For Every Purchase
Trees Are The Roots Of All Living.
We are proud to cooperate with OneTreePlanted
1 Tree For Every Purchase
refillable coffee capsules
Choose your own coffee and refill
Save up to 80% on your coffee costs

save on your Coffee Expenses

When comparing to other methods of preparing coffee, it’s no secret that Coffee Capsules is the most expensive method you can choose from.

In fact, you are paying about 3 times more (per gram) compared to drinking coffee at a coffee shop.

A quick comparison between disposable coffee coffee grounds will show a huge difference in price per gram.

We took out our calculators, we scaled some coffee and the conclusion is clear – whether you are buying from an expensive brand or from a local capsule distributor –

Using Forever Capsules can save you up to 80% on your coffee expenses. 

Save up to 80% on your coffee costs

Another interesting way of looking at it is to check the coffee ground prices per Kg.

For Example :
1 kg of coffee ground will supply you with approx 165 refills with Forever Capsule.

Now compare for yourself :

  • How much 1 kg of coffee ground would cost?
  • How much 165 disposable capsules would cost?

No idea? We’ve checked that for you as well.
1 kg of coffee ground is roughly between 40-80 nis whether you chose a cheap brand or went for the premium coffee roasters in Tel Aviv.

The conclusion is simpleenjoy saving on costs & get to drink better coffee by having full control over the quality and freshness of your coffee.

refillable coffee capsules

Made of Stainless Steel

Forever Capsules insists on sourcing the best quality materials in order to prevent as much as possible residue in your coffee.

There are plenty of other cheap metals that can be used to create a capsule however some of them contain materials that can be harmful to your health if leaked into your coffee.

Forever Capsules are made from Stainless Steel 304.
The same metal used for medical equipment.

Stainless Steel

The next time you’ll get a chance to sit in a coffee place, please pay attention to the coffee machine and notice that the parts responsible for brewing your coffee are all made from Stainless Steel.

Disposable capsules are made either from Plastic or Aluminium.
According to some researchers it is not recommended to consume food or beverages that came in contact with those materials.

With Forever Capsules you can relax and enjoy a quality brewing with a Stainless steel 304 coffee capsule.

refillable coffee capsules
The Original Forever Capsule
New model available
קפסולת קפה רב פעמית
Stainless Steel
Compatible with Nespresso® machines.


We’re pretty sure that one of the first questions you had in mind was “The machine in puncturing holes into the capsules, how does it work with a metal capsule?”

In general – disposable capsules are being punctured only at their back-side.
The water than runs through those holes into the disposable capsule and the stream of water is puncturing the aluminum seal at the front without the use of niddles.

Compatible with Nespresso® machines.

When looking at Forever Capsules, you’ll notice it has a space ring that allows the niddels (of the machine) a free movement.
This way the niddels don’t need to puncture through the capsule and the water can stream freely.

At the front, the lid has opening so the delicious coffee can run freely into your cup.

Forever Capsules are compatible with Nespresso® machines.

How To Wash the Capsules?

  • Easily washable under a stream of water.
  • Dishwasher Safe - Can be placed in your dishwasher.
  • Note - Please be careful when extracting the capsule immediately after use as it comes out hot.
A quick wash and you're good to go

Watch the capsule in action

Buying Beans? Grind it to Espresso
refillable coffee capsules
Fresh Coffee
Turkish Coffee
refillable coffee capsules
"Off-the-shelf" coffee

Your favorite blend

We’ve tried several types of coffee from the Israeli market and we were pretty happy with the results.

If you’re buying off-the-shelf than aim for the dark-roast and the ones marked “Espresso” as for the grind size.

refillable coffee capsules
"Off-the-shelf" coffee

If you’re buying beans, we would recommend to go for a dark roast, rich flavors and mix some Robusta beans in the blend as Robusta will help to create a better Crem’a.  

refillable coffee capsules
Buying Beans? Grind it to Espresso

Imagine your kitchen counter with a variety of different coffee, giving you the options to choose from an endless world of flavors.

Many of our past customers have told us the same, “every time i see a new coffee i immediately wonder how would it taste in my machine”, ” It’s a huge fun to open my morning with a different flavor”.

Just a tip to the “rookies” among you.
Don’t press the coffee at all inside the capsules.
Pack the capsule loosely, it will be more effective for the results and stream of water.

Capsules VS Enviroment

Whether you are a zero-waster or you have no idea what “zero-waste” means we’re pretty sure that the words “Global Warming” are not new to you.

The rise of temperatures, the Plastic crisis in our oceans, global deforestation and many other issues are getting more and more attention in the last few years.

The use of Disposable products have created a global crisis that is threatening most living beings on our Planet (including us humans).

When humans will prefer long-term solutions to replace their disposable ones than the damage can be controlled and minimized properly.

Forever Capsules are all about  “if there’s a will there’s a way.”

While using Forever Capsules instead of disposable ones you are helping to reduce approx 55 Million capsules per day(!).

Those are 55 Million capsules that will pollute our Air, Land, and Water for the next 150-500 years.

refillable coffee capsules israel
The Choice is Yours

Some of you might think – “Yes, but my brand is recycling my capsules.” 

While this might sound right, remember that Recycling processes have their toll as well. 
Recycling requires a whole industry in-order to make it happen. 
An industry that is polluting and requires a lot of energy.
Recycling is causing environmental damage as well.

The solution is to prevent all those steps by providing a Quality, Long-term and convenient solution for human consumption habits.

With Forever Capsules you’ll enjoy your coffee while knowing that you made the right choice.

refillable coffee capsules israel
The Choice is Yours
refillable coffee capsules

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